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Will You Ever Be Ready for Unemployment?

Retirement is a nice destination.  Unemployment is not.  Yet the two go hand in hand.  The truth is many people may not have enough money to be prepared for both.

  • Whatever your age, now is the right time to start thinking about your retirement goals - how much you need to save each month, your investment time horizon and how much risk you can manage to maximize your investment.
  • Retirement is expensive.  Financial experts estimate most people will need about 75% of their current annual income to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.*

  • The retirement savings gap.  Social Security and pensions account for only 38% of the income needed by affluent retirees.*  The other 62% may need to come from personal savings.

  • The price of procrastination.  Waiting to start a retirement savings program could be costly.  You may have to spend two to three times as much in monthly contributions in the years ahead - just to catch up.

Why put off until tomorrow what could you save today? 

*Source:  Social Security Administration and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2002; statistics reflect the income needed by the most affluent 20% of retirees.

Do you know how to get your Income Tax Return in half the time - as few as 10 days?

By using IRS e-file you can get your income tax refund in as little as 10 days.

  • An Authorized IRS e-file Provider is a person or firm that taxpayers entrust with tax information for the purpose of filing income tax returns electronically to the IRS.

  • With IRS e-file, you get your refund back in half the time - as little as 10 days if you choose to have your refund deposited directly to your bank account. 

  • Using e-file also provides accuracy, security, electronic signatures, proof of acceptance and electronic payment options.

  • If you owe tax, you can authorize an electronic funds withdrawal from your checking or savings account and pay electronically in a single step!

Have you tried using QuickBooks, but need professional training?

QuickBooks has always been easy to use, but with our professional training, we make it even easier.

  • QuickBooks helps you do your business finances quickly, easily and accurately with familiar forms and language you can understand. 

  • Although QuickBooks is already user friendly, professional training will allow you to confidently make the most of this powerful bookkeeping tool.

  • Learn to set up and manage your small business accounts, manage inventory, calculate sales tax, classify transactions, set up your payroll and more.